Have you ever wondered how you can make time for the gym when you're...



Have you ever wondered how you can make time for the gym when you're...


Here is how we can help you solve that...



For 7 days, you can join our live virtual workouts for free!

  • Fun and easy to set up online
  • Suited for individuals, couples and families
  • Guided by highly experienced trainers
  • Meet our friendly and inspiring community
  • No obligation to continue after 7 days - try it out first!


  • You choose from over 18 virtual classes per week!
  • For 7 consecutive days, you will receive FREE access!
  • During each class (ranging between 25mins-60mins) you get to train with one of our experienced Personal Trainers and supportive community members!
  • During the 7 days, you can experience our online gym with everything included (except the equipment) to get your fitness journey started on the right foot.
  • After the 7 days, we'll do a quick catch-up to answer any of your questions and whether you decide to join as a full member or not, you'll walk away with a fitness and nutrition strategy session that you can use!

To claim your 7-day free trial, please click below to fill out a quick questionnaire.


Offer expires on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 9pm

Get started on a fun and simple way to get fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home!

What makes DIYPT Unique

  • Receive all the workout equipment you need!*
  • Over 18 live virtual workouts to choose from throughout the week!
  • Choose from 25min classes to 60min classes!
  • A variety of Classes to choose from including Boxing Body Blitz, Yoga, Pilates, Booty Camp, CoreSome, HIIT, Boost your mood, Feel Good and more!
  • Nutrition plans provided!
  • On-going support, motivation and accountability!
  • Receive your own personalised training program so you can train anytime anywhere!
  • Be part of an amazing community!

* Only for Australian residents. The full DIYPT equipment package is included once you become a full member.

Start with a free 7-day membership to our online gym and you can decide if it's right for you - no obligation!

But chances are, you're gonna love it!

What Others Say About Our Online Gym:


Jonathan Guico has set out to be the best Personal Trainer in Sydney dedicated to transforming the bodies, mindsets and lifestyles of his members by inspiring, educating and empowering them. 


  • Helped 710+ people achieve their fitness goal
  • 11 years PT experience 
  • 15 years boxing experience
  • Helped rehabilitate 110+ injuries and mobility issues


  • Rehab Trainer certified
  • Boxing Master Trainer
  • Accredited Nutrition Coach


  • Corporate health and fitness
  • Busy parents  
  • Children between ages of 8-17
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation 


Q. What is the main reason your members join? 

A. Many of our members found that they weren't consistent with exercise due to lack of motivation, time and/or equipment.
They get bored doing workouts at home but they're too busy to go to the gym. We solve that by providing an online gym which is similar to what a brick and mortar gym offers such as having a variety of group classes, using gym equipment, and having a fun atmosphere with other like-minded people that they can also do in the comfort of their own home by themselves or with their family.

Another reason our members join is because they’ve tried to achieve a fitness goal in the past but didn’t succeed and the main reason is they simply didn’t have a plan for their training and nutrition that works for them long term.

Q. What makes DIYPT different?

A. When people join DIYPT, they are not just signing up to an online gym, they receive a passionate Personal Trainer and a passionate Nutrition Coach who is there to answer their biggest questions, keep them accountable to their goal so there is a higher chance that they’ll achieve their fitness goal. Full members also receive their own equipment when they join us. 

Every week we communicate via our Facebook private member’s page any updates and educational pieces that we see important for our community. Once a month, we do a virtual social event for all our members to have fun but also answer any fitness and nutrition related questions.

Q. If I follow the DIYPT members program, what outcomes should I expect and how long should it take me to get there? 

A. You should see a significant increase in your confidence not just in your fitness but in your overall outlook of life. You will not only achieve results within 13 weeks, you'll be empowered with the knowledge in both exercise and nutrition so you can increase your quality of life long term.

Q. What is included in my 7-day free membership trial? 

A. You'll be able to join our LIVE virtual workouts for free and choose over 18 classes during the week! You'll be guided by a highly experienced trainer and meet our amazing community!

Q. What happens after the 7 days?

A. After your free trial, it's really up to you! There is no obligation to continue, but we believe that you'll love the program so much that you want to continue as a full member. If so, then we can guide you through a simple process for the next steps.


Offer expires on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 9pm